Contract Manufacturing

ABH Labs has the capability of producing health products, vitamins, and supplements in nearly any type of delivery system, including: capsules, tablets, liquids, lozenges, sublinguals, chewables, creams, powders and softgels. These can be used for a wide variety of health supplements and nutraceutical products.


Consumers today have a wide range of choices when it comes to the delivery method they prefer for taking their vitamins and supplements. Your decision as to which method to use should consider issues such as cost, bioavailability, absorption, the lifestyle of the target customers, projected shelf life, and the ingredients to be used in the formula.

From the traditional and cost-effective capsules and tablets, to innovative chewables and liquids, we have the experience to help you formulate your nutraceutical product in a variety of delivery methods.

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ABH Labs is a trusted nutritional supplement manufacturer, with 17 years of industry experience and the knowledge to support each step in the development of your brand.

We have the know how, technology and resources to manufacture dietary supplements and vitamins for adults, children, sports enthusiasts, men and women in nearly every product category.

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ABH Labs is a full service provider of contract, custom, and private label manufacturing services for the health and nutraceutical industry. Our range of turnkey services include:

ABH Labs is committed to your success. If you are experienced in this industry, you will find in us a trusted partner with the right combination of experience, quality and costs. If you are new to the health and nutrition business, you will find in us a trusted solutions provider to help you plan, formulate, develop and launch successful products.

Please contact ABH Labs today to learn about all the services and manufacturing solutions available to you.

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